Staten Island Left in the Dust of the Storm

During the week of October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy ripped through the east coast, destroying houses, cars, and many buildings in its path, there was one borough in the state of New York, that seemed to be forgotten in the wrath of the media storm that soon followed Hurricane Sandy. Staten Island was unfortunately extremely banged up and severely needing help and rescuing, many people felt like they were being left to literally drown after the storm.

The problem with such a terrible natural disaster happening, besides the obvious destruction is that the city should try to provide assistance. Also meaning have news reporters on the scene to get the word out about what is happening so officials can be aware of what needs to be done and where help is needed.  The problem there was that there was no coverage on how badly Staten Island was hit. Unfortunately no one knew how bad the citizens of the “forgotten borough” had to try and handle things alone with no FEMA or city assistance by their sides.

There were many news articles on the destruction of the Jersey Shore and New York City and it angered many people on Staten Island because as bad as their borough was destroyed and of all the devastation they went through, they weren’t being heard. Reporters didn’t go to Staten Island to report and explain how Staten Island was doing and the condition the borough was under, they weren’t showing the rest of the world how bad Staten Island got hit.

The comparison of CBS New York’s reported article and The Daily News’ article are examples of how differently the media portrayed this situation.

CBS New York seemed to focus more on the condition of Staten Island and speaking of the devastation these families endured. It also spoke about the fact that Staten Island citizens were hurt and felt abandoned because they didn’t receive any help or even acknowledgement that Staten Island was in such a poor state. CBS New York really tried to report on more of the emotional toll that these Staten Island citizens were taking.

Then The Daily News had a picture on their front page of President Barack Obama shaking Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie’s hand. The article talked about how Obama and Christie were going to work together to get New Jersey and the shore back to normalcy. This article differs greatly from the one put out by CBS New York because CBS was trying to show the Borough and the destruction there and telling of the cries for help. While The Daily News focused on ensuring normalcy to the Jersey Shore, even though that is important there were bigger issues going on in Staten Island where people were literally starving and dying to try and keep their families alive.

A statement said by the Bolos Family of Staten Island, New York, “We’re truly heartbroken at the lack of concern and consideration the state and city had for our suffering hometown. We needed help and we couldn’t even get a reporter here to explain to people how bad it was and how desperately we needed them.”

-Ashley Zitofsky


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