Staten Island’s Devastation: Hurricane Sandy’s (unknown) Path of Destruction

With Hurricane Sandy ripping through the east coast, destroying houses, cars, and many buildings in its path, there was one borough in the state of New York, that seemed to be forgotten in the wrath of the media storm that soon followed Hurricane Sandy. One of New York’s boroughs was unfortunately extremely banged up and severely needing help and rescuing, many Staten Islanders felt like they were being left to drown after the storm, literally and figuratively.


In CBSNewYorks clipping above, the news story seems to really portray the feelings of the citizens of Staten Island and their thoughts on they way they were treated throughout the recovery stage of the storm. Also the picture showed is showing the chaos and destruction of someone’s home. With this news story CBS seemed to really want to get the victims of Staten Island’s feelings heard.

There were also multiple Twitter accounts that took to the stand to basically try and ask for help and bring the attention the world that Staten Island simply wasn’t being helped in this tremendous time of need. Many Tweets were similar to the one below.


Then you look at the news story covered by the Daily News and it shows Obama visiting the Jersey Shore and making plans with Governor Chris Christie to restore the shore, but there’s still Staten Island with no food, water, shelter, people homeless and 19 people dead. This was a major headlining article for the Daily News whereas the major headlining article for some other news organizations were more focused on the problems of some devastatingly hit boroughs.



Then theres ABC News who is trying to vocalize the pleas for simple necessities to survive. It seems that ABC is more concerned about the victims on Staten Island and really showing that the citizens need help.


Overall the City and Borough of Staten Island needed major help and relief after this major phenomenon of a storm that was being compared to Katrina. They needed all the help they can get and the point is Staten Island and the citizens of Staten Island weren’t even having their voices heard. No one knew the storm was as bad as it actually was in Staten Island because most of the news and outlets were focusing on the Jersey Shore and NYC, while yes they are major areas that did get hit and have destruction but Staten Island got nothing. The people of Staten Island didn’t want attention, nor sympathy that their homeland was completely destroyed, they just wanted help and to survive and they unfortunately weren’t given that until many days later when the anger of many came out over Twitter and other social media outlets. All they wanted was help and not to be left to physically and literally drown.


      Staten Island literally begging for help

We will get through this, as we always do -Mayor Bloomberg

-Ashley Zitofsky


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