Brian Hickey

Brian Hickey attended Strawbridge Elementary School in Westmont, NJ. He then went on to Haddon Township High School, continuing his educational career at the University of Delaware, where he worked at the Review. After graduating, Hickey went on to work for the Florence Morning News, Press of Atlantic City, and Philadelphia Weekly. Leaving his job as managing editor of the Philadelphia City Paper, Hickey served as campaign manager for Dougherty for Senate. Other jobs included reporting for Metro Philly, Deadspin, and currently, at WHYY’s Hickey also maintains blogs covering Divorce Court, soccer, and hit and runs.


Perhaps the defining moment in Hickey’s life came in November of 2008, when he became the victim of a hit and run in South Jersey. Chronicled in the piece he eventually wrote for Philadelphia Magazine, Hickey was hit by an unidentified sports car as he walked home from a local bar, just after 10 pm. With two broken vertebrae and a shattered shoulder, Hickey entered a state of virtual incoherence that would last until mid-December. When he regained consciousness, he was forced to mentally redevelop every stage of his life so far. In his piece, Hickey said that his recovery proved that he has incredible luck.


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