Debate Prep: The Future of Investigative Journalism…As We Know It

With society and the economy changing little by little everyday, us, the citizens are constantly reminded of the decline in many careers that were once booming. At one point many people were packing their desks and leaving the wild world of investigative journalism for fear of this career dying out. Long behold thought there is a bright future ahead and it’s all thanks to – technology!

With technology and social media at an all time high now it’s very much to an investigative journalists advantage. They can dig deeper and even further into artifacts, clippings, and many many year old archives without even leaving their desks. To me, I believe this is a huge advantage and opening in the journalistic world considering there was such a point of weakness for investigative journalism due partly from the economy growing weak.

The most widely used video website, Youtube, is also a big asset to investigative journalism because videos can be posted to showcase an event or piece of investigation. This is huge to investigative journalists because it’s yet another platform for these journalists to show their findings and “evidence.”

It’s said that investigative journalism got its start and flourished throughout the Watergate Scandal but is now at risk but I do not believe is true. There are so many new platforms for investigative journalists to reach to. At the time of the Watergate Scandal we didn’t have these new pieces of technology and the knowledge we do now.

If there’s no investigative technology left…where would we get our stories, breaking news, and story investigation gossip around the world from?

-Ashley Zitofsky


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