Welcome to the Madhouse

The relationship between celebrities and members of the paparazzi has always been strained. However, when celebrities like Amanda Bynes begin a downward spiral, the relationship becomes dangerous for the celebrity and members of the press alike. Video footage of Bynes demanding that a press photographer retake a picture, then assaulting the man when he refused to do so can be seen in the following link.

Bynes Assaults Reporter

While pushy reporting can put members of the press in dangerous situations, it can also be a hindrance for public figures. Celebrities, especially those who are experiencing a publicized meltdown, can turn to odd behavior in order to escape the press or attempt to perfect their image with the public. In the following link, Bynes allegedly locked herself in a public bathroom for two hours, prompting a firefighter to ask police permission to kick down the door. Bynes them vacated the restroom, calmly explaining she had been applying her makeup. The paparazzi still insisted on taking intrusive photos a few days later.

Bynes Locks Herself in a Bathroom

Amanda Bynes

-Rachel Taylor


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