Why You Should Read the Terms of Service

Did you know the “Terms of Service” agreement on Itunes is longer than Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Nowadays, websites who make you agree to their terms of service are usually making you agree to more than you bargained for. But because each document is so massive we simply breeze over them and agree to things that we really should not be agreeing to. For example, a man who tweeted a picture of an airplane landing in the Hudson River last year did not get any credit for the photo. Instead, Twitpic sold that photo to the media and kept the money. This is because in Twitpic’s terms of service you must agree to allow Twitpic to take credit for your content. However, Michiel de Jong and his colleagues are working to change this. They have founded the website “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read” (TOSDR), where they mediate every websites terms of service policies to inform you whether or not their terms of service are fair. The following link is an interview de Jong did with NPR’s “On the Media”.

de Jong interview with “On the Media”

This is the link to de Jong’s website “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read”. The website provides readers with information about numerous websites terms of service and if they are fair. There are also public discussions about each websites terms of service to help readers become more informed.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

-Matthew Speiser



About Matthew Speiser

I'm a 25-year old writer living in Manhattan

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