Twitter Bullying

Recently in Australia there have been very harsh cases of cyber bullying over Twitter, the social media handle. Celebrities in other countries were being told, “to go die” and the anonymous bullies even created a trending hash-tag with rude and inappropriate comments. 

During a recent teleconference between Twitter’s head of global public policy Colin Crowell, the Minister’s department, and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Twitter agreed to give any user information to Australian police services in certain cases of bullying. A spokesperson for the Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, said Twitter…has agreed to provide important metadata, which includes information such as user account names, time of messages, IP addresses to police. For imminent threats, police won’t have to go through the courts.”

Conroy said this is a big step for twitter to change their policy because they now realize that they can’t ignore requests for information anymore. These threats got to the point that Charlotte Dawson, an Australian TV Presenter who was one of the victims receiving these horrendous comments posted a picture of a bottle of pills, with the caption, “you win x.”  Charlotte was then rushed to the hospital after someone saw the post on her twitter. 

In an interview between Ms. Dawson and 60 Minutes a very powerful and eye opening statement was said from Dawson, “You do have to have a thick skin and you do understand that no matter what you do, even if you’re Mother Teresa, people are still going to hate you just because they think you’re ugly or they don’t like the sound of your voice,” she said. If people are wanted you to kill yourself and you are somebody who has previously tried to end your life it’s very, very easy to feel like that’s exactly what you want to do.”

After the media and community got word of what happened to Charlotte Dawson there have been many campains to “end the trolling” and stop this vscious cycle of twitter bullying. The sad part is yes, twitter can put new rules and regulations in place but it’s truly not going to end until victims are physically hurting themselves and ending their lives. 

I believe a good person to have interview this particular story would be Brian Horne who has previously done stories on “On the Media.” I feel like he’d be a good candidate because his main focus is, media, music, and popular culture. This not only would fall under media but under popular culture as well. His blog name is

Another person who I believe would be a good asset to this interview would be Alex Goldman, also of “On the Media” and he’s actually a producer for them as well. I believe he’d be great for this story because he does the “Our week in tweets” bit on “On the Media,” and it seems that he’s also done some governmental stories, so I feel like my story would be exactly the type of story he’d be interested in covering. 




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