Journalists Considering PR

Journalists considering PR

At one point there was a time where being a journalist was a prestigious, fun, thrilling career. Now there are many journalists who are leaving the newsrooms and making the once traumatic switch over into PR. Yes some will say they have to bite their tongue a little, when asked why or what made them make the switch but it seems kind of black and white. Being in PR you get the writing aspect and creating a story but it seems more of a “secure” job over journalism.

Nowadays journalists aren’t being used as much as publicists, an innocent bystander to an event can easily take a video, pictures and write what happened and put it up on the internet and boom no need for the journalist now. There are people everyday who write blogs, or their opinions on things and that unfortunately takes the job of the journalist away. Whereas with public relations, it’s something that is needed more and more especially with growing industries and corporations. The main reason PR would be so much more beneficial to a person over journalism is because you don’t get that emotional baggage that Parro mentions. As a journalist, you can witness something so traumatic happen and since you’re the reporter you’re still going to have to report on that topic no matter how bad. In Public Relations you’re not getting that emotion as much since you’re more or less writing for the brand rather than the incident of something. So we’ll see will the population of journalists dwindle down and start going into public relations? Or will the journalists find a new way to stick with their passion?

Dave Parro talks about the similarities and differences in his article 8 Reasons Journalists Should Consider PR here. In the journalism and PR world this has been a very controversial and touchy subject.


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